The summer course on machine learning 2023 will be postponed in the beginning 2024 due to technical issue. Further detail will be announced through this website.


A. Introduction

This course is designed to introduce machine learning. Machine learning is the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience and by the use of data. In this point of view, machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence. One of the methods of Machine learning is clustering. In this course, the participants will be introduced to fuzzy clustering and its implementation using google colab. Some fundamental concepts related to algebra and analysis for machine learning are also given. The credit for this course is equivalent to 2 credits. The running of the course will be held by using elearning platform provided by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan ( and zoom for virtual meeting.

B. Theme

The 2023 summer course on machine learning brings the theme fuzzy clustering and its implementation using google colab.

C. Course Mode and Duration

The summer course program would be implemented using an online platform in 2 weeks (14 days). The participants would join both synchronous and asynchronous learning activities using the Zoom meeting and Moodle-based learning management system.

D. Program Structure and Credit

The summer course program is designed for 2 credits with the following structure (See Table 1).

E. Participants Target and Eligibility

This program is designed for undergraduate students majoring in mathematics and mathematics education. But, the participation is not strict on Mathematics and Mathematics Education, we can accept any students who are from any major who are interested to learn Machine Learning. However, participants are expected to have learning experience on Advanced Calculus or equivalent.

F. Instructors’ Profile

The instructors of this program are presented in Table 2. It was a collaborative teaching between the professors in the Mathematics Department, the Mathematics Education Department, and the Center for Science Data of UAD.

We also invite colleagues from partner HEIs to contribute as the instructor of the summer course program (Please contact us through our PIC).

G. Important Dates

The summer course program has the following agenda (See Table 3).

H. Course Fee

Course fee is about IDR 250.000,00. However, it can be waived under an agreement with partner HEIs. Please contact our PIC for potential collaboration.

I. Admission

The prospective students could register for this summer course program by following some procedures.

  1. Preparing documents:
    • Scan of student ID card
    • Recommendation letter from the origin department/university to enroll in the summer course program (Mentioning that the students have passed the Advance Calculus or equivalent subject)

  2. Sending the documents/application to the PIC’s email address.

J. Benefit

All participants can access the course through and all materials are free. Any participant who completes the learning and task will be awarded a certificate and academic transcript.

K. Contact Person

Further information could be retrieved through the following corresponding email:

1. Afit Istiandaru (; or
2. Ida Puspita (

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